Spiritual Disciplines… Students will be introduced to various spiritual disciplines used to continue/deepen their journey of intimacy with the Lord. They will then have opportunities to practice some in class.

Sabbath/Boundaries/Self Care… Students will discuss and be given resources to help with self-care. These will include Sabbath, boundaries and other suggestions to help maintain spiritual and physical health in the midst of leadership.

Prayer… Students will receive in depth teaching on prayer and learn different practical methods for doing so.

Prayer Lab… This session will be an opportunity for students to try the different methods learned in the previous class. It will be at its core an extended time for students to experience the power of praying in community.

Worship… This session will focus on the art of Worship and the ways it can shift the atmosphere.

Worship Lab… This session will be an opportunity for students to practice the power of worship in the life of a community.

Leading of the Holy Spirit… Students will discuss/practice hearing the voice of the God and be challenged to obedience in what they hear.

Walking in Power/Spiritual Warfare… Students will be introduced to the concept of spiritual warfare and how it can affect ministry. They will be challenged to change the dynamic of a powerless church.

Ministry Imagination… Students will be introduced to the absolute need for ministry imagination and creativity for our current cultural context. They will be asked to dream with God about what He wants to do!