Intro/Membership Covenant/What’s at Stake… We will introduce students to the purposes, structures and expectations of our time together. Students will receive a syllabus and be asked be asked to sign a membership covenant stating their commitment. Leaders will cast vision for the year, reinforce the importance of preparation and discuss what’s at stake.

Personality Profile/Enneagram… Students will be introduced to the enneagram/personality profile and then invited to see what fits for them. It will be an opportunity to get to know each other and ourselves even better. It should also help us as we move forward working together.

Spiritual Gifts… Students will be given an overview of the different spiritual gifts. They will then take a spiritual gift inventory again with the purpose of getting to know each other better and also having that information in mind as we move into ministry opportunities.

Community/Fellowship/Accountability… Students will discuss the importance of Christian community and the necessity for it while in leadership. Students will begin the process of establishing accountability groups and mentoring relationships.

Scripture Memorization/Bible Reading Plan… Students will be introduced to the memorization and reading plan for the year. We will discuss the importance of the scripture and the different temptations that can make it a lower priority in ministry.

Overarching View of Scripture… We will do our very best in 4 class periods to give a brief but solid overarching view of the bible form Genesis to Revelation. The intention would be for students to have a pretty good idea of what they can find in the scriptures and where they can find it.

Bible Study Methods… Students will be given various resources to study out biblical contexts, original language meanings and so on. They will then be asked to practice and briefly present.