The Urban Apostolic Network

House Church Training Course

General Course Information

  1. House Church Training Course (HCT) – This course is offered to help train individuals to lead a house church in connection with the work of the Urban Apostolic Network.
  1. Terms/Semesters – HCT is a year long training split up into four semesters: Entering, Engaging, Exploring and Leading.
  1. Location – The main site for the training will be the upstairs at Vanguard South located at 2020 Fulford Ave. Kalamazoo, MI 49001. Participants can see more at
  1. Units/time dedicated per week Class meets each week for two hours. There are four semesters totalling 40 class periods with two week breaks in between. Additionally there is a weekly two hour lab.
  1. Prerequisites – Potential students must successfully complete the application procedure before being formally admitted to the HCT course.


Instructor Information

HCT is a facilitated by ________________________  with a variety of instructors, both from within and without the Urban Apostolic Network.

  1. Lead Facilitator – Bio, function, etc.


  1. Office hours and contact information


  1. Additional instructor information – Guest instructors include David & Elisha Penning, Peter Dielman, Esteven Juarez, Michael & Yolanda Stewart, Al Folkert & Nate Bull.


Purpose of the Course

  1. Course purpose – The purpose of this course is to adequately train individuals to lead a house church in connection with the ongoing work of The Church. Course participants will be given a variety of different tools in connection with this purpose and discuss unique subjects specific to the successful leading of a house church in a variety of settings.
  1. Course goals – After taking this course students should feel well prepared to help lead a house church. Participants will have a good handle on all course material and learn the basics of leading, maintaining and improving a small community of believers.
  1. Course objectives – Students will successfully complete each subject listed in the course (See Appendix A). They will also participate in the weekly labs and complete the exit interview.
  1. Additional course information – This House Church Training course has been designed to fit a need identified in many communities across the nation. Because of the importance of the subject matter, students should know ahead of time that this will be rigorous at best. All instructors have intimate experience with leading house churches and are great resources for questions and concerns that come up during the course. House churches will be a valuable tool for advancing the kingdom of God in our cities in the weeks and years to come and the lack of leaders and leadership training for this is one of the reasons for this class.


The Learning Environment

  1. Facilities and teaching methods Courses will be lead in a variety of different manners. There will be lecture, weekly lab sessions, activation times, videos and role playing. Although the large group will be the main vehicle for this work, some of this will take place in small groups or in pairs. The main classroom will be at Vanguard South with labs taking place in the neighborhood surrounding Vanguard and in the already existing house churches.
  1. Required texts
  1. Required materials and attire – Students will need a three-ring binder to help compile the handouts by the various instructors. Additionally, participants will need access to the internet. If this is an obstacle the facilitators will make accommodations for weekly access in some manner. Lastly, there may be times when instructing takes place off site. In this case, students will be advised ahead of time what attire would be appropriate for the class session.
  1. Provided materials – When possible, instructors will provide any and all handouts the week before each class. All other materials necessary will be provided by facilitators.
  1. Recommended texts/resources


Time Schedule/Course Plan

  1. Schedule/course plan – Please refer to Appendix A for a general outline of the course along with specific dates. Calendar and course information can be remotely accessed at under the “House Church Training” tab.
  1. Lecture and/or lab topics: For a more detailed description of course topics please refer to Appendix B or visit
  1. Landmark events, assessments, and due dates: Include in the schedule all assessments for lecture/lab, due dates for projects, special projects, and presentations. Include reading assignments, including pages/text that students are expected to read prior to class. List any special or additional equipment that students are required to bring to a particular class. Include dates that are holidays or days in which classes are not being held.



Course Schedule

ENTERING – Semester One

Session 1 Intro/Membership Covenant/What’s at Stake  
Session 2 Personality Profile/Enneagram
Session 3 Personality Profile/Enneagram
Session 4 Community/Fellowship/Accountability
Session 5 Scripture Memorization/Bible Reading Plan
Session 6 Overarching View of Scripture
Session 7 Overarching View of Scripture
Session 8 Overarching View of Scripture
Session 9 Overarching View of Scripture
Session 10 Bible Study Methods
Session 11 Bible Study Methods
Break Two Weeks


EXPLORING – Semester 2

Session 12 Spiritual Disciplines  
Session 13 Spiritual Disciplines
Session 14 Sabbath/Boundaries
Session 15 Prayer
Session 16 Prayer Lab
Session 17 Worship
Session 18 Worship Lab
Session 19 Leading of the Holy Spirit
Session 20 Walking in Power/Spiritual Warfare
Session 21 Ministry Imagination
Session 22 Ministry Imagination
Break Two Weeks



ENGAGING – Semester 3

Session 23 5 Fold Ministry  
Session 24 Apostolic Call
Session 25 Prophetic Voice
Session 26 Evangelism Training
Session 27 Pastoral Care
Session 28 Teaching Tools
Session 29 Edification of the Body
Session 30 Sacraments Training
Session 31 Liturgies, Creeds and Confessions
Session 32 Ministry Lab
Break Two Weeks

LEADING – Semester 4

Session 33 Leadership Tools  
Session 34 Leadership Tools
Session 35 Persecution/Suffering
Session 36 Hospitality/Lab
Session 37 Cultural Sensitivity
Session 38 Learning Styles
Session 39 Empowering Leaders
Session 40 Longevity Tools




Topic Descriptions

ENTERING – Semester One

Intro/Membership Covenant/What’s at Stake… We will introduce students to the purposes, structures and expectations of our time together. Students will receive a syllabus and be asked be asked to sign a membership covenant stating their commitment. Leaders will cast vision for the year, reinforce the importance of preparation and discuss what’s at stake.

Personality Profile/Enneagram… Students will be introduced to the enneagram/personality profile and then invited to see what fits for them. It will be an opportunity to get to know each other and ourselves even better. It should also help us as we move forward working together.

Spiritual Gifts… Students will be given an overview of the different spiritual gifts. They will then take a spiritual gift inventory again with the purpose of getting to know each other better and also having that information in mind as we move into ministry opportunities.

Community/Fellowship/Accountability… Students will discuss the importance of Christian community and the necessity for it while in leadership. Students will begin the process of establishing accountability groups and mentoring relationships.

Scripture Memorization/Bible Reading Plan… Students will be introduced to the memorization and reading plan for the year. We will discuss the importance of the scripture and the different temptations that can make it a lower priority in ministry.

Overarching View of Scripture… We will do our very best in 4 class periods to give a brief but solid overarching view of the bible from Genesis to Revelation. The intention would be for students to have a pretty good idea of what they can find in the scriptures and where they can find it.

Bible Study Methods… Students will be given various resources to study out biblical contexts, original language meanings and so on. They will then be asked to practice and briefly present.


ENGAGING  – Semester Two

Spiritual Disciplines… Students will be introduced to various spiritual disciplines used to continue/deepen their journey of intimacy with the Lord. They will then have opportunities to practice some in class.

Sabbath/Boundaries/Self Care… Students will discuss and be given resources to help with self-care. These will include Sabbath, boundaries and other suggestions to help maintain spiritual and physical health in the midst of leadership.

Prayer… Students will receive in depth teaching on prayer and learn different practical methods for doing so.

Prayer Lab… This session will be an opportunity for students to try the different methods learned in the previous class. It will be at its core an extended time for students to experience the power of praying in community.

Worship… This session will focus on the art of Worship and the ways it can shift the atmosphere.

Worship Lab… This session will be an opportunity for students to practice the power of worship in the life of a community.

Leading of the Holy Spirit… Students will discuss/practice hearing the voice of the God and be challenged to obedience in what they hear.

Walking in Power/Spiritual Warfare… Students will be introduced to the concept of spiritual warfare and how it can affect ministry. They will be challenged to change the dynamic of a powerless church.

Ministry Imagination… Students will be introduced to the absolute need for ministry imagination and creativity for our current cultural context. They will be asked to dream with God about what He wants to do!


EXPLORING – Semester Three

5 Fold Ministry… Students will get an overview of the function and purpose of the 5 fold ministry model found in Ephesians 4:11 for the edification of the body.

Apostolic Call… Students will get an in depth look into the role of the Apostle within the 5 fold ministry model.

Prophetic Voice… Students will get an in depth look into the role of the Prophet within the 5 fold ministry model.

Evangelism Training… Students will get an in depth look into the role of the Evangelist within the 5 fold ministry model.

Pastoral Care… Students will get an in depth look into the role of the Pastor within the 5 fold ministry model.

Teaching Tools… Students will get an in depth look into the role of the Teacher within the 5 fold ministry model.

Sacraments Training… Students will get a theological and practical overview of what it means to baptize and to serve communion to the people that they lead. They will also have opportunities to practice performing these two important acts.

Liturgies, Creeds and Confessions… Students will learn about the different creeds and confessions of the RCA and greater church. These discussions will help ensure solid theological views along with an accurate Christological understanding. These views and understandings combined with the unique DNA of the ministry should help students be able to create liturgies of their own that can be honored in their house church setting.

Ministry Lab… Students will have two different opportunities to have House Church trial runs. They will work together to create the ministry experience and then receive feedback on how things went.

LEADING – Semester Four

Leadership Tools… Students will be given different resources and tools necessary for the survival of any ministry leader.

Persecution/Suffering… Students will be invited to face the reality that there is great hardship that comes with not only with the Christian walk, but also with leadership. The importance of establishing support systems, following through with them and learning how to “encourage yourself in the Lord” will be discussed.

Hospitality/Cultural Sensitivity… The realities of different ministry contexts/cultures and what it looks like to love like Christ in each situation will be the focus of this session.

Learning Styles… There will be an overview of the different learning styles that have been discovered over the years and opportunities to brainstorm how each style can be addressed in a house church setting.

Empowering Leaders… A strong priority of this ministry is multiplication, particularly of leaders. In these sessions we will encourage you in what it looks like to be constantly reproducing yourself in the people around you, so that they can take the ministry even further.

Longevity Tools… Students will be given different thoughts and resources on what it takes to last in ministry. How do you keep going after 2, 5, 10 or 20 years?