Leadership Tools… Students will be given different resources and tools necessary for the survival of any ministry leader.

Persecution/Suffering… Students will be invited to face the reality that there is great hardship that comes with not only with the Christian walk, but also with leadership. The importance of establishing support systems, following through with them and learning how to “encourage yourself in the Lord” will be discussed.

Hospitality/Cultural Sensitivity… The realities of different ministry contexts/cultures and what it looks like to love like Christ in each situation will be the focus of this session.

Learning Styles… There will be an overview of the different learning styles that have been discovered over the years and opportunities to brainstorm how each style can be addressed in a house church setting.

Empowering Leaders… A strong priority of this ministry is multiplication, particularly of leaders. In these sessions we will encourage you in what it looks like to be constantly reproducing yourself in the people around you, so that they can take the ministry even further.

Longevity Tools… Students will be given different thoughts and resources on what it takes to last in ministry. How do you keep going after 2, 5, 10 or 20 years?